Shedding new light on our shared history - one object at a time.

Following the devastating floods of early 2022, Fraser Coast Regional Council embarked on a journey to better understand and care for our collections. One Object, Four Ways is a reflection of this undertaking to better understand the artefacts we care for, and through them to better understand our shared cultural heritage.

This exhibit examines the way that different perspectives influence how we engage with our history, and the different stories we share as a result. Profiling a selection of artefacts from the Fraser Coast Regional Council Heritage Collection, One Object, Four Ways features four community members from different generations and walks of life reflecting on how these artefacts resonate with them. Visitors are likewise invited to take part in the exhibit, offering the opportunity to ask yourself: "What stories do these objects bring to mind for me?" 

Included as part of the FREE entry to the Bond Store, One Object, Four Ways underscores just how much perspective matters when sharing stories of the past.


When: April to December 2024

Where: Bond Store

Cost: FREE